Mission & Vision Jopestkil Fumigation and Pest Control Services Company Nairobi Kenya

Corporate Philosophy

Here at Jopestkil Kenya Fumigation and Pest Control services Company, it is our goal to delight each client that we engage with, along every touch point of the overall experience. Our product is service, and our goal is always to make our clients happy. We understand that each situation is special and unique, and we treat each situation this way, giving every problem the attention it needs. It is our obligation to help you have a better day and provide a peace of mind that your pest problems are solved amicably.

Corporate Purpose

Our purposes are to protect this great earth we all live in by employing environmentally sustainable tactics. We have an active involvement with community efforts to make our indigenous footprint a better place to live and work. As a market leader in pest control industry and pest related health solutions, we understand the impact we have on the environment and it is a focus on our side to ensure we are making it a better place.

Full-Service Pest Solutions For Residential & Commercial Facilities

We provide a diverse product line of essential services to protect homes, industries and businesses from pest related health threats. Jopestkil Kenya Fumigation and Pest Control Services Company offers bundled, environmentally sustainable programs to combat invasive pests and disease carrying vermin, bacteria, viruses, fungi and others. Our solutions are targeted and precise. Services programs are customized to be chronic and holistic. Indoor and outdoor programs encompass our offering.

Vision and Mission Jopestkil Fumigation and Pest Control Services Company Nairobi Kenya


The mission of Jopestkil Kenya Fumigation and Pest Control Services Company is to provide the safest and highest quality service and to increase the quality of life for our customers, employees, and communities through a professional, responsible, and ethical manner fully customized in nature.


Our vision is to be a superior service company that everyone trusts. By maintaining a high level of service, we will have the opportunity for growth and therefore, the ability to enrich the lives of our team members and give back to the communities in which we serve.

Our Core Values

Integrity – We build trust by always doing things the “right way”.

Customer Service – We show our appreciation for our customers through our actions.

Innovation – We embrace opportunities to learn and improve.

Teamwork – We work together to turn our goals into accomplishments.

Accountability – We are individually responsible for our results.

Charity – We give back to our communities.

At Jopestkil Kenya, we believe that doing things the right way not only benefits our customers, but also our team, our families, and the world in which we live.

We use Integrated Pest Management (IPM) technologies and philosophies and employ IPM practices in all operating activities. We evaluate the true extent of all pest infestations for our clients and customize treatment plans to solve your pest problems.

Through comprehensive inspections and detailed communication, we are able to reduce and in many cases completely eliminate the need for pesticides.

Environmental Statement

In a constant effort to protect the earth’s natural resources, and to minimize environmental damages, Jopestkil Kenya always manages, minimizes and eliminates, whenever possible, the use of hazardous materials. Using state-of-the-art Eco-Friendly products which contain biodegradable recycled materials, Jopestkil Kenya reduces risks to the environment by selecting materials that cause the least amount of harm to the environment during both usage and disposal.

Jopestkil’s organic pest control protects our environment and focuses on the relationship between pest control and the environment and is a registered, certified and licensed for reducing the risks associated with pesticide usage. Understanding the importance of integrated pest management helps clients understand its benefits.

As environmental sustainability becomes more of a worldwide priority, Jopestkil Kenya will continue to stress the importance of utilizing pest control methods that are both effective and environmentally responsible.

A Safe Environment

Jopestkil Kenya also ensures the health and direct safety of our team members by promoting safe work practices, reducing exposure, using safe technologies, and implementing effective emergency preparedness programs. In addition to health and safety, team members are trained in a variety of ways through our environmental safety training programs to make smart work and practice decisions to support of these principles.

What does this mean for you?

Jopestkil Kenya’s goal is to solve your pest problem while minimizing the amount of materials placed in and around your home.

We work closely with our clients and certifying agents to ensure our individually designed Integrated Pest Management programs are in complete compliance with the latest world standards and guidelines.

Eco-Friendly Products

Jopestkil Kenya uses a complete line of eco-friendly products for both residential and commercial services. Most of the products used in our programs are created with botanical oils gathered from plants.

Unlike many synthetic chemicals, the plant oil blends used as active ingredients in products won‘t build up in the environment. Eco-friendly and composed of natural ingredients, these compounds are biodegradable and help maintain a sustainable and healthy environment.

Additionally, Jopestkil Kenya’s eco-friendly products have no adverse impact on birds or fish and will not contaminate water sources. These specifically formulated, patented blends of plant oils only harm insects and have no adverse effects on people, pets or our environment.

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